Trust me

I create my works under the theme of "Trust me." The main issue I deal with in the field of art is "I don't believe." My works wander around truth, lies, the 'Stolen' and the 'Influenced' producing a sense of humor. There are a number of series under the theme "Trust me": 'Liar Liar' is a series of textual works on lying and cross, 'Vaginoplasty' and 'Horny Snowmen' is a sexually humorous interpretation of the main theme, 'In Process' is a series of works left with masking tapes used for primary drawing. There are also 'Brainless' and 'Pseudo' series with which I work to create my theme in varying styles and contents.

In the Stolen series, I reconstruct by stealing the images from the pictures of an artist that I like, and wrap with the concept of Stolen. In Stolen-NanGoldin, I copy photographs from Nan-Goldin's book and work with graphic on them.



"No brain, No game, but still satisfying my eyes, humorous" that's what I'm trying to make.


Exhausted desire

Not much to talk about. What you see is what it is about. "Exhausted desire" was like clean up performance that happened for 3 days in my studio.


Naked Painting

As a sequel to "Painting Surgery", the paining titled "Naked Painting" was initiated with the idea that all paints have the desire and passion of being hung on the wall and valued well as good artistic work.

I wanted to talk about the desire of the painting in a cynical and humorous way using the painting's media features.

I use the raw canvas having nothing on it as a nude and then cut it, sulture and reorganize the painting using the staple gun or tape.

I have once worked on the series called "Money Money Money" which described that the painting wraps itself beautifully and seduced the audiences to itself. The use of tape in the painting can be traced back to the wrapping concept of that work.

"Naked Painting" seduces the viewer with the nude and then take off one by one of its clothes and exposes its true form to access to the viewer, thus showing the truth and sorrow.


Painting Surgery

"Painting Surgery" was initiated from my doubt and the perspective of criticism on myself and my paitningts as an author .

We should remind that ultimately, the work of Choi Woon Hyoung is designed to cast the doubts on the sincere attitude on the paintings..1)

The works made by Choi Woon Hyung from 2015 to early 2016 were created by using the production behaviors/expression technique, which contain the behaviors of literally cutting, parting, gouging, removing, taking out, pasting, sawing and suturing the parts in the paintings. For him, the behaviors themselves were the aesthetic form and quality of his paintings.

As his painting can only be described by the above verbs, his painting can be aesthetically and hierarchically linked to the avant garde strategy in the arts.

His behaivors are the anti-aesthetics and/or anti-art behaviors by which he tried to protest against the conventional practices but pursue for new things. He shows the artistic experiments as shown often by the avant garde artists. 2)

1) Cited from the critical paper on Choi Woon Hyung written by Koh Yun Jung (editor of the GraphiteOnPink).

2) Cited from the critial paper on Choi Woon Hyung written by Kang Su Mi (Aesthetics, Artistic Criticism, Professor of Dongduk Women's University.


Money Money Money

"Money Money Money" describes the author who is awayed by the money in a cynicla and humorous way. It wraps painting in a decorative way and asks the viewer to buy it for him.

"Money Money Money" prepares for the envirponment sculpture and public arts with the series of decoration, in which the painting is decorated and wrapped, the series of horny paintings, in which the painting pursues for the love of the viewers and the series of flattering paintings in which the paintings flatter the viewer with the attractive words. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nutty Professor

When I was young, I saw a movie called "Nutty Professor". Though I cannot remember the story of the movie, I can only remember a professor depicted as having a comic face. "Nutty Professor" is a fiction which described the story of assistant instructors at the college who wanted to be a regular professor in Korean society.



It's a story about a woman becoming a monster.

I am interested in how the sexuality, gender, and racial discrimination by power would position the modern men in the world. The conflict and tension between people are a good motif for my work.

I play a role of being a schizophrenic woman who detests the power of the penis and its absurd history and work on getting rid of it. By doing that I'm saying my understanding of painting as a fiction.

I do it happily as children play in the playground. I also collect the worst penises and put them into an aquarium as if they are pets and let them live there. I conduct the event to stuff the castrated penises as they are shown in stuffed animal. At the same time I show her experience as a woman in the past like violent sex and male's attack against females using sexual language.

I make up stories about her with my effort to understand her. She is a main character in my fiction.

After all, the work place of the monster is exposed to the world. The monster and her assistances commit a suicide.




I make bad paintings.

The world I have seen is childish and shallow,

as a woman in Korea and stranger in America.

I don't see genuineness in myself anymore as an artist.